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Team Biographies

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Ann Marie Brandenberger

Ann Marie Brandenberger

Owner I have been remaking Works of Art from 

old pieces of furniture for over 20 yrs.. I started 

doing this as a hobby, while my kids were young, 

and this developed into who were are today. I 

have done many pieces over the last 20 yrs., that 

have been rewarding to me. I am very fortunate 

that my talents and my craft experiences have 

made so many people happy with their "New" 

Furniture Pieces & Window Treatments. I have 

the vision to see the finished piece before the 

fabric is ever installed. I love re-working these 

Treasured Pieces, that still have their history 

attached to them.

Ed Pomeisl

Ed Pomeisl

I started working in a Furniture Store when I was 

quite young. I became very intriqued with the 

abilities of my many mentors. How they were 

able to make something into a work of art from 

nothing. I began following in their footsteps. I 

went to schools, became involved in History, and 

studied the European culture. I also learned 

German & Italian craftmanship. I joined 

Renaissance Upholstery in 2005, Ann & I have 

been working together since to make Treasured 

pieces for each client who passes through these 


Tracy Brandenberger

Tracy Brandenberger

After receiving my education at The Art Institute 

in Philadelphia, I am an Interior designer at 

Bassett Furniture, while also continuing working 

with my mother Ann at Renaissance. Id be 

pleased to assist you in your fabric,and texture 


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